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The Association

The Pianitalia APS Association was founded in 2024 with the goal of supporting and developing the original project of the homonymous festival, originally conceived by three international pianists:

Tony Yike Yang, Eunmi Park, and Umberto Ruboni.

In addition to this grand Festival, the Association aims to develop concert series in the near future for both young talents and acclaimed artists, as well as a chamber music campus where the results of individual instrumental Masterclasses will lead to chamber music with piano.

For now, read online about the 2024 Festival and stay updated for future events.

We believe in a world where human beings coexist peacefully, and this belief is as fundamental as all the elements of music (tempo, harmony, melody, articulation, dynamic...) are.

After all, "We build bridges with the world, key by key" Support us in our motto!

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