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Offer Summary

Basic Edu Fee

All Inclusive Fee


Lessons with our faculty - 45 min each every morning


Unlimited Lessons to attend


Masterclasses with distinguished Professors from renowned EU Universities (each student performing in 1 of them)


Info Panel with the Professors of the Masterclasses about studying in EU


Concerts for our students (each performing at least in 3 of them)

Unlimited high quality photos and videos of the concerts


Prizes in our internal Competition, (winners will perform in 2025 Edition with orchestra in Milan)


Minimum hours of practice granted per day


Free Tickets for the student and their guardian to attend the 2 big concerts of the Festival


Conclusive gala Party with food, fun, gifts and surprises!


6 Nights in a 4-stars Hotel double room for the student and their guardian in the heart of Milan


Breakfasts and dinners for both the student and their guardian


Assistance for all your needs from our staff



Seminars on various topics 


Personal photoshoot to develop a convincing artistic image


Improvisation and harmonization session with a special guest


Info Panel on elite US Universities

Multiple, various and unique activities for our students


Sessions of Yoga and Alexander Technique to take care of our students' posture and well-being.


Additional high quality audio and video recording sessions 

The fees are calculated after the application depending on the number of active participants and their guardians.

We welcome various types of participants, including passive participants, active participants with the same guardian, and participants with multiple companions. This may include families with both active and passive sons, or active participants accompanied by two or more relatives.

We remain open to all kinds of requests.

Please visit the "Contact Us" page on this website and feel free to inquire about your specific needs.

We'll be delighted to accomodate all your requests and calculate a specific fee for your case.

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