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Detailed Offer

Our offer is reserved for students aged 6 to 18.

It is divided into two parts:

we have a basic educational package and an all-inclusive package.


The basic educational fee is mandatory. The all-inclusive one is optional, but strongly recommended since it helps you build and stay in a community shaped by music, activities, and shared experiences. The all-inclusive fee includes both the student and their guardian. What else? ​

Check below for further details!

Basic Educational Package

Every-day lessons, masterclass, concerts to perform and to attend, seminars, conclusive unforgettable experience, high quality photos and videos of concerts!

Everyday lessons

Every morning is dedicated to piano lessons, each lasting 45 minutes (4 in total), with our faculty. This means that our students receive daily tutoring, helping them build consciousness, stability, and confidence with the instrument and performance, in addition to the content covered in each lesson.


Our festival will host three distinguished professors from renowned European Universities and Conservatories (we will officially announce their names soon).

You will have the opportunity to connect with them and perform for one in a commentary-style Masterclass. Of course, you will also be able to attend the other Masterclasses even when you're not performing.

Begin building your future with us!

Performing in 3 concerts

Is there a meaning in learning how to perform without having the chance to perform?

No! That's why we provide at least 5 concerts for our students, and each student will perform in 3 of them.

4 concerts are designed to engage with the community, the last one will be in a prestigious venue in Milan.

We'll soon share the exact locations.


Our internal competition is truly unique: our students are judged solely based on their age and level, ensuring that everyone competes against themselves rather than others.

The prize is significant: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will have the opportunity to perform with an orchestra in Pianitalia Edition 2025!

Concerts free to attend!

The festival features a grand opening concert with an international artist and a chamber music concert featuring the members of our faculty.

Tickets are free for our students and their guardians, and first rows are reserved for them!

Lessons to attend

All lessons are free to attend because we believe in the value of learning from others rather than just ourselves.

This philosophy extends beyond teaching content; it reflects humility as well. Therefore, attending others' lessons is not only free but highly recommended! Be there and learn from others!

Info Panel about Eu Universities

The same three professors teaching at the Masterclasses will also participate in an informative panel on what studying in Europe means and what to do in order to enroll in a European University. The professors will cover the Scandinavian area, Germany and Austria, Italy and Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

They'll be available for any questions, feel free to ask!

High Quality Photos and Rec

Our goal is to boost and help you build your future career. To achieve this, we recognize the importance of high-quality profile pictures and good video recordings.

Come to our festival, and you'll have the best ones included in your fee!

Practice Rooms

Lessons and concerts are fundamental, but we couldn't forget practical matters: pianists need to practice, and to do so, they need practice rooms.

No problem at all! The prestigious 'Abbado Music School' in Milan (the host of the festival) has plenty of rooms with excellent instruments available for your practice, at leas 3 hours per day each!

Conclusive Gala Party

It's impossible to end such an intense and huge festival without an unforgettable last gala party! Food, fun, gifts, and surprises will make us celebrate a week where, as our motto says, 'we build bridges with the world key by key.

All-Inclusive Package

Food and accommodation in a 4-star Hotel in the heart of Milan for both the student and their guardian, seminars on different topics, yoga and Alexander Technique sessions, multiple activities, community building, and cultural exchanges—plus additional lessons and a 'dream team' of people assisting you 24/7 for all your needs during the festival. Join the festival in its entirety, not just in part!

4* Hotel Double Room in Milan

Experience Italian life in the heart of the capital of fashion and design: Milan. We offer a double room in a 4-star hotel for both the student and their guardian.

We are currently finalizing arrangements with one of the best hotels in Milano Garibaldi, the headquarters of the economy, surrounded by skyscrapers, shops, monuments, and culture.

We'll soon reveal the name of the hotel. For now, just chill out and start pre-enjoying your relaxation in Milan

A "Dream Team" to assist you 24/7

Last year, our wonderful collaborators Luca Naclerio and Paola Lugaro were omnipresent to guarantee the best assistance for all the needs of our students, guardians, and teachers. That's why they became the most beloved figures of the festival, helping build the community and creating the most fertile ground for a functional festival.

Get the all-inclusive fee to become a part of this wonderful Pianitalia family!

Improvisation session

Classical musicians are often bound to the score, forgetting that much of what they play originated from the composers' improvisations on the instrument.

To liberate the process of music-making and grasp the fundamental rules of musical harmonization, we have decided to invite the best professionals in this field. They will encourage our students to experience the freedom of approaching the score from a different perspective.

Most various & unique activities

Our students need to have fun too!

We understand that and we love it!

That's why we have planned so much fun in our free time, bringing everyone together for games, indoor and outdoor activities, and magic shows!

Some of the activities are also designed to encourage interaction with the local community, while others focus on unique and unexpected experiences. These experiences can help the younger participants learn more about social and musical life while having tremendous fun.

Daily Breakfast & Dinner x2

Breakfast is obviously included in the accommodation offer, but dinner for both guardians and students is a privilege.

As believers in a multicultural world, we've decided to offer multi-ethnic dinners, ranging from Italian, European and Asian cuisines to Middle Eastern and South American delights.

Are you ready for this culinary journey?

Seminars on various topics

Musicians need to address various issues in their careers, not just musical ones. That's why we believe that discussing these matters right at the beginning of their career path is crucial.

We will offer seminars on what it means to be an artist, leadership in music, music as a language, musician entrepreneurship, and more.

This mental coaching will not only help our students play and perform well but also equip them to navigate the challenges of a musician's life.

Info Panel on elite US Universities

If one day is fully dedicated to European Universities, we can't forget that US Universities can also provide excellent music education to our students. That's why we'll dedicate an informative session to what studying in the US means. We will analyze and discuss the most recent rankings, the admission process, admissions interviewers, and more, drawing insights from both official data and personal experiences shared by our guests.

Yoga & Alexander Technique 

Too often, musicians neglect the importance of maintaining good posture while playing, and, in general, they're not fully conscious of their bodies. It's a pity, as the relationship with the instrument can lead to major physical issues that may even necessitate prolonged breaks from playing.

To address this, we will invite experts in yoga and the Alexander Technique to guide musicians in understanding basic concepts that can positively impact their daily lives and well-being.

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