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Co-founded by Tony Yike Yang, Eunmi Park, and Umberto Ruboni, the Pianitalia Festival was launched with the unified vision of providing opportunities for young talents (6-18 years old) from around the world to come together, learn, and present their work in one of the biggest cultural centers globally: Italy.

As active artists, we fully understand the challenges of being young artists in today's world. We stay up-to-date with societal trends and strive to integrate the traditions of classical music in a manner that is both enjoyable and compelling. This is why we are not just any ordinary music festival.

By the way, nothing would be possible without our amazing collaborators: the relentless worker Luca Naclerio, the lovely Paola Lugaro, and our outstanding photographers Alma Magaglio Murante and Alessandro Guerci!

8 Luglio - concerto - saluti finali_28_edited.jpg
6 Luglio - concerto Abbazia Rivalta_31.jpg

Our Offer

We understand that stepping into a new reality, a different country, and an unpredictable adventure, especially with young children, is not easy. That's why our offer is perhaps the most inclusive among any other festivals: our fee covers virtually everything, or at least nearly everything, for our students and their guardians!

Food, accommodation, individual lessons, group lessons, concert opportunities, seminars, Masterclasses and attendance at concerts—our offer encompasses all of these, along with an internal competition, participation diplomas, practice rooms, indoor and outdoor activities, guided tours, free artistic photoshoots, and professional recordings. Remember that all of these services are included not just for the students but also for their guardians!

Discover what happened in our last edition by scrolling through this page, and feel free to ask for information about the upcoming 2024 edition!


Italian summers can be hot and exhausting, but thanks to the fresh and joyful teaching methods of our amazing teachers, lessons will be both easy and enjoyable!

Each student is entitled to a one-hour lesson per day with our teachers and has the opportunity to play for half an hour in our Masterclasses with special guests. We'll soon reveal the names of next year's guests, but in the meantime, take a look at our Faculty members' CVs.

P.S. All lessons are free to attend!

During the last edition, every student could freely practice up to 2 hours per day, but in the next edition, we'll even increase the available practice time

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6 Luglio - concerto Abbazia Rivalta - Ella_3_edited.png


In music, learning without performing is nonsensical! We can't forget this, which is why, in our last edition, despite the festival lasting only 6 days, we arranged for 3 concerts!

This year, we'll increase the number of concerts, particularly for our beloved students. They will have the opportunity to participate in a total of 5 concerts, performing in at least 3 out of the 5 concerts.

In addition to students' concerts, our professors will also publicly perform, along with at least one concert held by one of our amazing guest artists.

Stay updated on the names of the guest artists and the locations of our concerts—we'll reveal them very soon!


It's challenging to incorporate a competition within a festival where sharing takes precedence over challenging. Nevertheless, we proudly affirm that our competition is entirely unique compared to any other!

The key concept in our internal competition is that each contestant is competing with themselves. There's no comparison between candidates; our jurors' evaluation is based on the age of each participant.

In the last edition, our jury consisted of our faculty and our guest, Diego Petrella. Additionally, the Director of Milan's 'G. Verdi' Conservatory served as the President of the Jury.

All the contestants received discounts on next year's educational fees, proportional to the size of their winnings

The prizes for this year will be completely different—no cash prizes, but an opportunity to perform with an orchestra during the next 2025 Pianitalia Festival Edition for the first three prize winners!

The official award ceremony will take place during our last concert at a prestigious hall in Milan... Are you ready for that?

8 Luglio - concerto - Premiazione_59.jpg
pianitalia calcetto.jpg


We remember the last day of our last festival: everyone was exhausted yet excited, looking forward to the coming edition. Why?

Because we had lots of fun! Every day was busy, not only with lessons, practice, and concerts but also with several activities.

Most importantly, our students had time to play together. One day, as a reward for their dedicated practice throughout the week, we embarked on a special journey to the enchanting swimming pool in Salice Terme, nestled in the countryside.

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